What Materials will be used in my Kitchen Renovation?

White kitchen renovation

Material selection for a kitchen renovation is where a homeowner can have some fun! This is where you customize your kitchen to your home or get take your homes aesthetic in a new direction. Material selection is also where a renovation budget can increase significantly from what is budgeted to what the final selection is. This is due to the price range on materials.

When we are building our estimates for clients we stick with quality mid grade material choices. These are aesthetically pleasing options that do not break the bank. In most cases these selections can be placed side by side with a higher end selection, and most people can not tell the difference. That being said, some people want to have a higher quality material in their home, which we can absolutely accommodate. All of this will be discussed in your in-home meeting. When we leave your home to build your estimate, we want to price the materials and finishes that you want to have in your home.

Material selections for a kitchen renovation with Ridgeline Improvements is as follows:

Cabinets for my kitchen renovation

The cabinets used in our renovations are priced out in maple wood with a shaker style finish. These cabinets are durable, customizable to stain or paint (for a white cabinet) and look great!


The countertops that come standard in our renovations are a quartz countertop. Quartz is a very durable product that is resistant to heat, staining, and scratching. Not to mention they add a luxury look to your renovation for a very affordable price.


Not all kitchen renovations decide to go with new flooring. Depending on the layout of your home and your budget this can be done easily (if you already have a different flooring like tile in your kitchen vs living area). It can also be add to the scope of work by having the flooring run throughout your kitchen and the rest of your main floor.


When we help you design a new kitchen everything from the faucets to the cabinetry hardware is included. This allows you to be confident that the finished product will not only look great, but will function for many years to come. Your finishes are like all the other options so far. We will set a reasonable budget that will allow you to have quality products. Any choices over the allowed budget are okay! The price of your renovation will just be adjusted before final sign off to accommodate your selections.

Once your kitchen selections are made, you get to sit back and enjoy watching your renovation unfold!