Custom Home Builds

Design & Build

Find your dream area of the city, and now you need your dream home?

A custom home with Ridgeline Improvements is actually custom for you. You are not handcuffed to layouts to choose from. 

Our designers work with you to discuss your needs and then we build your dream home to suit you!

Why else to custom build? – this service we can provide to you can be a smart investment on your part for a lot of reasons. A custom built home can lower your monthly energy bills by using new technology, has less maintenance requirements compared to older homes, and is built for what your families needs are, or will be in the future. Custom builds are also a great idea to add space where you need it most, or even improve ease of access to certain entryways.

Maybe you want to live in your dream area for good; if so, why settle for any less of a home when you can have your dream one? 

What it means to hire us – it takes a lot of work, dedication, energy, and commitment to getting this kind of project off the ground and turned into reality. Every aspect of this new building must also be taken into consideration and legalities need to be followed to the letter. Our honest, friendly team can offer you all of these traits and then some. When you hire us, you hire a team that prioritizes safety, honesty, and guaranteed satisfaction when it comes to constructing your custom build, without going over your budget in the process.

Let’s start building your dream home today. The only thing you need to do first is give us a call for a meeting and request a quote. It really is that easy to start.

Our Process

At Ridgeline Improvements, we start every project by getting to know you and the vision for your home. We find out what your dream outcome is, define your budget and work back to establish the best plan for your project.

Our first in person meeting with you will be in the comfort of your own home. We will discuss your renovation and what you would like to accomplish, we will review the space and scope of work with you and we will take measurements of the space to help us build our estimate.

After our first meeting we will do our research to build you an initial budget that reflects the renovation you are looking for. During the follow up meeting you will be presented with a detailed scope of work, preliminary budget and estimated timeline.

Once you have approved the initial budget for your renovation you will work with us to make the material selections for your renovation. You will be shown the finishes that fit with in your initial budget to help you stay on track.

Once you have made your final material selections we will review to ensure that you are still within your initial budget. If any of the material selections have pushed you over that initial budget price we will discuss and you will be presented with a final construction budget to approve. Once approved we will stick to our agreed upon price, unless you make changes to the scope of work during construction.

As soon as the renovation contract is signed we will begin ordering materials and arranging any engineered drawings or permits that may be required. While we are working hard behind the scenes to get your renovation up and running, you can kick back and relax, knowing you are in good hands.

At this point we are actively in your home working on your renovation. You will be provided with updates and weekly site meetings. As your project nears the end, we will arrange a walk through with you to review your renovation and answer any final questions you may have.