Undergoing a renovation is exciting, but if you have never used a General Contractor and do not know what to expect, it can also be a nerve racking experience. So let’s put your mind at ease with some commonly asked questions.  Trust us, you are not the only one to have questions.

How long will my project take to complete? Lots of homeowners will have unrealistic renovation expectations due to their following of popular TV shows.  Contrary to life on TV, a full house reno cannot be completed in a week.  Poor planning by your contractor not only leads to extra costs, but also pushes back completion dates. It is best to have a realistic schedule upfront to avoid disappointment. We try to prevent this by ordering all the specialty materials (windows, doors, countertops) as soon as the contract is signed, and then we build a construction schedule around material arrival dates. 

Do you use subcontractors? Yes we do.  As a General Contractor we have Lead Carpenters, Apprentices and Labourers on staff.  In addition we oversee top quality subcontractors who, in most cases, have been with us for years and adhere to the same high quality standards and expectations we hold ourselves to. All of our subcontractors are licensed in their respective trades. 

Do you carry insurance? Yes, we carry 5 million liability coverage ensuring that you, the homeowner, are not held liable for any on-site accidents or damage.  In addition our workers are fully covered with Alberta Workers Compensation Coverage and take part in an in-house safety training program before they start on any jobsite.   

How much will my renovation cost? The age old question! Honestly, we could give you a ballpark number but it doesn’t do you any good.  Your basement development is going to be different from your neighbours basement development.  The quality of finishings you want, whether or not you want a wet bar where plumbing has to be moved.  Did you want a bedroom and bathroom vs one large open room? All of these will cause a ballpark number to change. We find it is best to meet with you and get a better understanding of what your desires are and what your budget is.  Then build an estimate and a building plan that you can afford. 

Can I hire my own subcontractors? Unfortunately, no.  We are responsible for the safety of our employees and the subcontractors. Therefore we only hire from a vetted, trusted pool of subcontractors. 

Can I buy my own building supplies? This is also a no. We have a 2 year warranty on the work that we do and the materials used in your renovation.  That is why we only purchase our building supplies from Edmonton suppliers who we have rigorously tested the quality of their products.  Based on the long relationships we have with them we are able to get great pricing that allows you to get better quality for a lower price.  

Do I need permits?  Potentially, yes.  This is not something that you have to do however.  We will file for any building or development permits that are required for your renovation as well as set up the inspections that are required. One more added benefit of using a General Contractor. 

Is there a warranty for the work done? Yes, we stand behind the work that we provide our clients.  At the end of the renovation we will do a walkthrough of the project with you allowing you to review the work and point out any deficiencies that you have.  After that initial walkthrough with you, you will have a 2 year warranty that will cover the labour and installation.  

How will additional charges be dealt with? We put extensive work into building your quote.  When you sign off on a project to be completed we have already talked to our suppliers to get pricing, our subcontractors to get their pricing for the work we will need them to provide, checked current lumber prices (which are fluctuating all the time).  We put in the work so after a contract is signed we do not come back to you and say the price of your project has gone up.  That being said, if you change your mind once the project has started and want to add to the scope, change finishes, change the original layout of the room, those changes will be made through a change order.  We will go through the same steps we did for the original quote and let you know how much your changes will cost.  If you want to go ahead, all parties sign off and we revise our construction schedule to include your changes.  

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