Why choose a General Contractor?

how to choose general contractor

When I started as the office manager with Ridgeline Improvements I didn’t fully grasp everything that a General Contractor did and why someone should choose a General Contractor for their renovation.  I knew they would come in to renovate your home. However, I didn’t understand all of the steps that happen before they even walk through your door to start construction. Obtaining building permits, scheduling inspections, arranging design drawings, ordering materials, comparing prices to ensure the price stays on point, scheduling subcontractors and providing insurance coverage. Not to mention, the sheer knowledge of building codes and regulations and how to efficiently complete a renovation. The list goes on when you think about the behind the scene responsibilities a General Contractor takes off your plate! 

I field lots of calls throughout the day from homeowners who have started a residential renovation project and are now trying to find people to come in individually to do aspects of the work.  Their current project is now on hold until they can find a drywaller, or a cabinet installer, or a framer, or a  painter, or a plumber….and on and on.  That right there is what makes the difference between hiring individual trades and hiring a General Contractor.  All of the responsibilities fall on the General Contractor, not you.  With years of experience and knowledge they make sure that your renovation goes smoothly from start to finish. 

Once you decide to work with us, we oversee all aspects of the renovation. You don’t have to worry about the ins and outs of renovating.  As we are waiting on the permits (that we apply for) we are busy working behind the scenes. We create a schedule of work so that work is done in a timely manner and in the right order.  You just get to sit back and pick out finishes and watch your dream renovation become a reality!

When we arrive onsite the very first day we have everything ready to go.  This reduces the time that you are displaced within your own home.  As enjoyable as our crew is, no one wants to have their house torn apart for long periods of time.  Since we have planned for the entire project we already have subcontractors lined up for each job. In many situations they are working together at the same time to complete different aspects of the project.  We have been in business for long enough that the subcontractors we have are reliable and loyal so when they say they will be there to do a job, they are.  These decreases in delays save you time and when you are patiently waiting for your dream renovation to be completed, time is everything. 

Believe it or not, another  thing a General Contractor can do is save you money.  We understand the steps and order that things need to be completed.  This means that nothing is torn out and having to be redone.  And since we stick to the budget that you signed off on, if there is an issue we eat that cost, it is not passed on to you.  We also buy all of our finishes from quality stores that provide warranties since they stand behind their product.  So, if you do have an issue with an aspect of your renovation between our one year warranty and our suppliers warranties, you are covered.  

Permits and inspections can throw a wrench into your plans when you are completing a project on your own.  Plumbing, gas, electrical, heating/ventilation all require permits and inspections.  Inspectors work business hours, so generally when you the homeowner are at work.  Instead of having to take time off from your job to meet the inspector, we are already onsite. This is just another part of what we organize and take care of.  We also understand what phase of the project the inspection needs to occur at. This means all the work that needs to be inspected is done and visible for the inspector. If the inspector comes and the work is not ready or visible you will be charged for them to come back for the inspection. 

General Contractors have spent years honing their skills and are experienced in the renovation process.  This experience benefits you, the homeowner, when we oversee your project.  There are endless other ways the experience of a General Contractor can benefit you on your next renovation project.