Design meetings for renovation’s success

design meetings

Design meetings for renovation’s success to guarantee project’s success. A renovation can be both an exciting and stressful time. Many people get overwhelmed with the material selections and how they will work with the rest of the home and the budget that has been presented for the project. An interior designer is a great resource to be able to help you navigate this process, but if you are already at the max for your renovation budget we can still help you. We offer our clients the opportunity to have us help guide them through the material selection process if they would like.

This process starts, like all projects, with an onsite meeting with our Project Manager. This is where we find out what you are hoping to achieve with your project and what your budget is. The scope of work is discussed so as we compile a preliminary construction budget we know what work needs to be done. Once you approve this budget you will need to pick out your final material selections. If you would like assistance in the selection process you will be able to meet with our Office Manager to make your material selections.

Our Office Manager will set up appointments with our suppliers for you to be able to go and look at materials. The point of these meetings is to find selections that you love and will be happy having in your home, while staying within the budget that was initially set for you. Our Office Manager will be able to offer advice as needed on your selections, but it is important that you have a general idea of what you would like before you meet with her.

During the Design Meetings it will also allow you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your renovation. Keep in mind our Office Manager is not a General Contractor, so she may not have answers immediately, but she will find you the answer and get back to you as soon as possible. Your concerns and apprehensions regarding your renovation are very important to us. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you. These concerns will be addressed and passed on in our project transfer meetings. This is where the Project Manager, Lead Carpenter and Office Manager will meet to discuss your project. Did you mention to the Office Manager that the level of dust that might occur during the renovation is a concern you have due to allergies? The Office Manager will pass that information along to the crew who will be onsite so they can ensure the appropriate steps are taken to address your concern.

Once all your selections have been made they will be handed off to our Estimator. If you decided to upgrade any of your selections a revised budget will be provided for you to sign off, otherwise your original budget will be resent to you to approve. We will have you come to the office and sign your renovation contract and pay the initial deposit to get your project started.As soon as the contract is signed we get to work behind the scenes while you get to kick back and relax! We want your renovation with Ridgeline Improvements to be as enjoyable as possible and look forward to earning your trust.