The 4 steps to remodel your home on budget

remodel your home on budget

Remodeling your home is an exciting decision!  Whether it is one room or your full home, you have put thought into the renovation, and so have we.  This is your dream and your hard earned money so we are very conscientious of this.  We have steps in place that we follow closely to ensure that what we say we will deliver matches your expectations and stays on budget! 

Our multi phase process ensures that big or small, your renovation is thoroughly planned out and gives us the ability to stand behind the quote we provide you.  Unless you change your mind on the scope of your project, your cost does not change.  We have done our research and there are not any financial surprises part way through in order for your project to be completed.  

Phase one is our consultation and discovery phase.  You will fill out a new client questionnaire, go through a phone consultation and an on-site consultation followed by signing a design contract.  

Phase two is the design phase.  Not all renovations need to have drawings produced, but if the scope of your project is rather large we will have drawings produced for the project.  Here is also where the initial customer selections are made for the project followed by an initial budget being established based on those selections.  Depending on your desire for design this can also be a fun stage since you get to go into local Edmonton suppliers to look and pick out finishes!

Phase three is our planning phase.  After discussing the initial budget with you, you will now have the opportunity to make final selections for the finished project.  Based on that initial budget meeting you might realize what you picked out and what you really want does not match what you originally budgeted for. At this point we discuss the options with you.  If you have to stay on the budget you gave us to work with we provide you with options on finishes that will match your budget.  Or you might decide that you want to increase your budget to match the finished selections that you originally chose. Either way, the choice is yours and we work with you to finalize the pricing for your project.  Phase three is also where we finalize drawings and have on-site trades meetings.  When we meet with you again this will be for final review and approval on the budget and finished selections.  After your approval we start the permit application process and order any special materials that will be needed. 

Phase four is the construction phase.  There are still a few steps we have behind the scenes before we start demolition.  First we create a schedule for work.  This allows us to ensure that supplies and subcontractors are on-site when needed to avoid delays in construction.  The project is then handed off to the project manager and on-site construction begins! Depending on the scope of your project the construction time will vary but all projects end with a completion walk through with you.  This is your opportunity to address any deficiencies that you see.  Once the walk through is complete you will have a 1 year warranty.  This covers the work we provided and the materials we installed. 

As a local Edmonton Company, Ridgeline Improvements has been built on 1) Putting People First,  2) Trust and Honesty, and 3) Quality Workmanship.  The steps we take with you throughout the phases of our construction process are to ensure that these values we uphold are met throughout the process of your project.