How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen in Edmonton?

kitchen remodel cost

A kitchen remodel is a big investment. It’s the center of the home and where you spend most of your time, so it’s worth spending some extra money to make it beautiful.

But there are a lot of options when it comes to renovating your kitchen, and that means lots of upfront costs for things like cabinets, appliances, and countertops. 

If you live in Edmonton and are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you have come to the right place.

Ridgeline Improvements is here to assist you with understanding the costs of a kitchen remodel and getting the best kitchen contractor Edmonton offers.

What is the Biggest Expense in a Kitchen Remodel?

The biggest expense in a kitchen remodel is usually the cabinets. 

The cost of cabinets varies depending on their size and style and whether or not you want to install new cabinets or refinish the ones you have.

Kitchen cabinets come in a range of styles and designs, from traditional to modern.

Some common types of kitchen cabinets include wall cabinets, base cabinets, pantry cabinets, and corner cabinets.

When considering the cost of the cabinets’ cost, you should also factor in the cost of installation, which can affect the overall cost of your kitchen renovation.

Other costs to consider may include hardware, such as knobs and pulls, as well as any special features or upgrades you may want to include, such as built-in lighting or pull-out shelves.

It’s important to keep in mind that while high-quality, custom cabinets may cost more upfront, they can also add significant value to your home and may be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Where Can You Save Money on a Kitchen Remodel?

When it comes to saving money on your kitchen remodel, you can usually find ways to cut costs on the backsplash and countertop.

These two elements are generally the cheapest parts of the kitchen, so they’re perfect places to save some cash.

You can also save money on kitchen remodel costs by choosing affordable materials and considering the features you absolutely need in the space.


Choose a simple backsplash that doesn’t use too much material or labor.

For example, consider using tile only in one section of your wall and then painting the rest of it with an accent color like blue or green (or whatever colors you want).

This will give an eye-catching focal point without adding too much expense to your budget!


Choose cheaper materials for countertops if possible.

Stone tiles are great because they’re sturdy but still inexpensive compared with marble ones, and they’ll look great with any color scheme because they come in so many colors!

If your budget is tight, you can also try using laminate instead of real wood.

Many people prefer this option anyway since laminate lasts longer than real wood and looks just as beautiful when done well!

Choose Affordable Materials

You can cut costs by keeping your kitchen simple and choosing affordable materials.

Choose simple cabinets, such as basic wood or laminate ones, instead of custom cabinetry that will add hundreds of dollars to the cost of your project.

You can also save money by using lower-cost materials like vinyl flooring instead of hardwood tiles or stone countertops.

Think About Features

If features aren’t absolutely necessary, like an island in the middle of the room, consider removing them from the plan or finding ways to make them less expensive (for example, using cheaper materials).

Also, make sure that future needs are taken into consideration before starting any work on your kitchen, so you don’t end up having wasted money down the road when things start falling apart due to a lack of planning.

What Kind of Kitchen Remodel Adds the Most Value?

There are several types of kitchen remodels that can add value to your home. 


      • Update the appliances: Replacing old appliances with new, energy-efficient models is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh look and boost its functionality.

      • Upgrade the lighting: Choosing new kitchen lighting can greatly enhance the ambiance of your kitchen. Installing new fixtures, adding under-cabinet lighting, or installing dimmer switches can make a big impact.

      • Update the layout: Older kitchens tend to have a chunky design, and more people nowadays want something more streamlined. Improving your kitchen layout to make it more functional can add value to your home.

    When considering which kitchen remodel to undertake, it’s important to remember your budget, neighborhood, and target market.

    A high-end kitchen remodel may not be the best choice if you live in a modest home in a middle-class neighborhood, but it may be a wise investment if you’re planning to sell your home in an upscale area.

    Kitchen Remodel Costs: Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have more questions about kitchen remodels in Edmonton and costs, Ridgeline has answers!

    Contact us for more information, or check out these frequently asked questions:

    How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

    The cost of a kitchen remodel varies depending on the scope of the project and the materials used. On average, a full kitchen remodel can range from $40,000 to $60,000 or more.

    What factors affect the cost of a kitchen remodel?

    Factors that affect the cost of a kitchen remodel include the size of the kitchen, the quality of materials used, the extent of the renovation, and whether you hire professionals or DIY.

    Can you remodel a kitchen for $5,000?

    There is absolutely no way that you can renovate any kitchen for $5,000. Even a small kitchen will cost a minimum of $15,000 to $20,000. However, you can get closer to your $5,000 budget if you’re willing to use inexpensive materials and do most of the work yourself.

    How can I budget for a kitchen remodel?

    To budget for a kitchen remodel, you should determine your priorities for the project and allocate funds accordingly. Leaving some room in your budget for unexpected expenses or contingencies is also important.

    Is a kitchen remodel tax deductible?

    While the government of Canada does off some tax incentives for renovations, these primarily apply to upgrades for accessibility purposes. The Alberta province does not offer an individual home renovation tax credit – although some of your upgrades may be eligible for the Canada Greener Homes Initiative.

    Should I hire a professional for my kitchen remodel?

    Hiring a professional can help ensure that your kitchen remodel is done correctly and efficiently. Professionals can also provide guidance on design choices and materials. However, hiring a professional can also increase the project’s overall cost.

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