What to do before calling a General Contractor

before calling general contractor

Renovating your home is much more than just redoing a space.  This is your home and homes are a large investment.  So is a renovation.  Take the time before calling a General Contractor. Think about why you want to do this residential renovation and discuss a few key points with any decision makers in your home so you are fully prepared.

  1. What exactly do you want done? You should think long and hard about the scope of what you would like to have done. Having a clear picture of what you would like to complete gives your General Contractor an idea of what they are working with.  If you have no clue on the design or decor, we can help you with that or put you in touch with a designer to help you, but having a clear idea of “I would like my basement renovated to have an open gathering area with a wet bar, bathroom and an office or bedroom” is helpful. If you have an idea ahead of time of what you would like it allows for the estimate process to run smoother since changes to the scope of work are not constantly coming up.
  1. Budget.  It is key to set a budget that you are comfortable with for your residential renovation before you call a General Contractor.  When you call us to start the process to receive an estimate we will ask you this question.  The reason we ask is because we want to make sure your expectations for what you would like done match what you are comfortable paying for.  We will take that budget and see if we can make it work for what you would like to have done.  If the scope of work or design choices you have made do not fit in within your budget we will work with you to find finishing options that fit within your budget or discuss doing your renovation as separate projects allowing you time to save in between. 
  1. Timeline. Although it is important to know when you would like to start and have a project completed by, this might not always be possible.  Even though you won’t be starting immediately, we do.  We order any special materials like cabinets, flooring, countertops, doors, windows  since those take time to manufacture and ship to us.  We apply for permits and in Edmonton it can take us months to receive the permit from the City once we apply. 
  1. Explore ideas of what you would like: Before calling a General Contractor, go online, scroll through Pinterest, look at magazines.  It is important to have an idea of what you would like the finished product to look like.  For your kitchen explore cabinet colour options, door profiles, handle style, tile colour and pattern, flooring options.  If this does not excite you that is okay! We can help you through it.  We also know some excellent designers that we can put you in touch with, and trust me they would LOVE to create a vision for you!