Marble VS. Granite: Which Should You Choose?

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Is it time for a kitchen remodel? Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom counters?

Redesigning any part of your home takes a lot of planning, and you will find yourself faced with many decisions.

One of those decisions is what type of material you should use for your countertops.

Both granite and marble have gained popularity in home renovation projects, but choosing between one or the other can be confusing.

Ridgeline Improvements is here to help! If you’re stuck choosing between marble and granite countertops, we’re here to lay out the differences.

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Marble Versus Granite: Appearance

Granite has a more fleck-like look, whereas marble has more veining.

Marble is a calcareous stone that is made of calcium carbonate. In fact, it was once limestone that was changed by pressure and heat. This process alters its structure and creates its characteristic veining.

Granite is a siliceous stone made of silica and quartz-like particles. It was once a molten substance that was cooled deep within the earth, giving it a granular appearance.

Because both materials are created in nature, you can expect variations in their colors and patterns.

Speaking of colours, marble tends to have a subdued white, gray, or pale beige palette, although you can get this material in shades of green and blue. 

Granite countertops are available in a wider range of colors and patterns. Its composition gives it unique colour variations and can be found in shades of red, pink, orange, gray, brown, blue, and green.

Marble Versus Granite: Cost

Stone is not a cheap countertop option but its look and durability justify the cost.

Overall, granite is less expensive than marble and starts at around $75 per square foot installed. Marble countertops can run around $100 per square foot installed.

However, prices fluctuate, so it’s important to check with local suppliers for current prices. 

The costs can also vary based on the complexity of the installation job, such as how many seams and corners there are as well as the style of your sink.

Marble Versus Granite: Durability

While natural stone countertops are strong and durable, both marble and granite must be sealed at least once a year to make sure liquids don’t seep into the stone.

Both are resistant to heat, but you should always be careful about placing hot items directly onto the countertop.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, natural stone countertops need to be regularly cared for. Granite, however, is a harder stone, so it is more scratch, chip, and stain-resistant. It also requires less maintenance than marble.

Marble is porous, so it is more naturally prone to stains even if it is sealed. When you have marble countertops, you have to be careful to clean up spills, especially if it’s an acidic liquid such as tomato sauce or any citrus juice.


Both granite and marble countertops are installed the same way. The expert installer will start with a template transferred to the slab before the material is cut and finished.

Sinks and faucets have to be considered, so it’s important to have the marble or granite slab cut and placed by a professional.

Granite and marble countertops can also be customized with an edge profile such as beveled, ogee, rounded, and more. Choosing an edge finish before installation is a great way to create a unique look for your home!

Polished is the most popular when it comes to finishes, but you can also opt for a matte look to get a brushed and leather-like finish.

How Do I Choose Between Marble and Granite Countertops?

When it comes to choosing between marble and granite, be sure to take into consideration the differences we mentioned above: appearance, cost, and durability.

You’ll have to prioritize which aspect of these countertops is most important to you.

Are you looking for a specific aesthetic? Do you want something easy to take care of? Are you working within a budget?

Marble and granite countertops both fit beautifully with any home and can significantly upgrade the look and feel of any space!

Let’s Find the Perfect Design For Your Home!

Whether you choose granite or marble countertops, you are making a wonderful decision for the look and feel of your home!

Not only will you enjoy the beauty of brand new countertops, but you will also increase the resale value of your home.

However, you don’t want to get your granite or marble countertops from anywhere, and you certainly do not want to install them yourself!

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